I need a dentist very badly that can fix or pull teeth for free or very low cost?

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I posted a question yesterday about this. I appreciate the answers, but none of them can help. I am a single mother of four. I have checked out all the dentist in my surrounding area and there are some income based dentist. My cost still works out to be between 1,200-2,000 dollars. I do not have that kind of money. I was very sick during my pregnacies and lost the calcium out of my teethe. I have 21 left and 12 of them have holes. Some have absessed and nerves are exposed. I have been in alot of pain for 5 years trying to find someone to help. I have Mc+, but they do not carrie adult dental of any kind. I have also went to a clinic, I sat all day and was not seen. I can’t do that with four children in school. I just do not have the money even with incomebased dentist. I’m not one who asks for favors, but I have been in pain for so long I can’t handle it anymore. Tried salt water, perxocide, and even pulling my own teeth. I have even taken a hammer and screw driver to get the teeth out. If the is a dentist that would just pull the teeth, I will find a way to do the rest. It is hard to eat and I am sick alot with the posin from my teeth. I know there are people that help others in there time of need. I am one of them. I’m asking if there is a dentist that will do this for free. I have no money. Thank you so very much and My God Bless you.

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6 Responses to “I need a dentist very badly that can fix or pull teeth for free or very low cost?”

  1. Christina says:

    Are there any colleges or Universities near you that have a dental school? Dental schools will often do procedures to train students for little or no cost, I have friends who had no dental coverage and they used to go to the dental school when they needed work done.

  2. jim m says:

    try a dental collage

  3. Stacy says:

    Call your local dental school. I live near Baltimore and the University of Baltimore has an excellent dental school. They have a clinic where they allow the students to work on patients. There is little or no cost to the patients as they are helping educate the students. Each school works differently as far as appointments go but it doesn’t hurt to look up dental schools and offer yourself up to the students. Good luck.

  4. lina says:

    oh my god …..sorry to hear that but you should be able to get some basic treatment try social services. Don’t do anything by yourself. Try to get a credit card if anything. Good luck!!

  5. Stephanie W says:

    Your gonna have to either go to a dental school or set up a payment plan at a private office. Neither will be free.

    Your dental and medical expenses are part of your cost of living. You don’t get something for nothing.

    If you took a hammer and a screw driver to your face, you’d better go seek some professional help, because you’ve lost control of your life.

  6. Andrea P says:

    Well if you live in california. You can get a low income program called Orsa and your dental work will be free.

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