How much would a dental implant cost under medicaid?

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is there a lower fee, I am on low income. I live in florida

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3 Responses to “How much would a dental implant cost under medicaid?”

  1. Voltron says:

    I dont think they cover implants.  They deny most dental treatment except   pulling teeth and even that they throw a lot of hurdles.

  2. Mrs. Earnhart says:

    Medicaid does not cover dental implants. Really the only thing that medicaid does cover are extractions. Dental Implants are expensive even if you have regular insurance. They usually cost about $2000-$3000 because you have to pay for the actual implant proceedure plus you have to pay to get the crown over the implant.

  3. Floyd S says:

    Hi, there is little chance that Medicaid will authorize an implant….Most implants are considered in the field of cosmetic procedures and Medicaid doesn’t pay for cosmetic procedures…..You shoiuld try the “Out Patient Clinic”of the nearest Dental College,,,if they accept you chances are the cost will be Free.

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