I am in need for dental work A.S.A.P AT LOW COST OR NO COST AT ALL IN VISA LIA CALIF?

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2 Responses to “I am in need for dental work A.S.A.P AT LOW COST OR NO COST AT ALL IN VISA LIA CALIF?”

  1. Dr. Sam says:

    Contact your local or state dental association and and see if there are any dentists who provide free or reduced cost care for low-income, disabled or senior patients.

    Call your local health department and ask about health centers that provide dental care for free or on a sliding scale.

    Your local United Way may also be aware of such a clinic. In some areas, you can reach them now by dialing 2-1-1 for “non-emergency information.”

    Go to a dental school, if there is one near you, for reduced costs.

    If you are a senior citizen, call your local Area Agency on Aging or Office on Aging. If you can not find a listing in your local phone book on the “County Government” pages (usually marked with blue borders), call toll-free 1-800-677-1116 to find how to contact the Area Agency on Aging serving you.

    Check http://www.toothwoman.net to see if low-cost or free dental services are available near you.

    Check http://www.nfdh.org/DDS.html to see if your state has a “Donated Dental Services” program. D.D.S. is designed to locate dentists who will give free care to patients who are financially compromised due to medical problems. This is a process that will take a couple of months to get your information and then arrange for someone to see you. Not all states have D.D.S. programs.

  2. talisman2 says:

    You can save up to 80% at the dentist with Ameriplan. The dental plan is only $11.95/month for an individual and $19.95/month for an entire household. It includes FREE vision, prescription, and chiropractic plans. You can use your benefits as soon as you receive your card. You can sign up online at http://www.mybenefitsplus.com/LMota to get started right away.

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