Dentures cost at Aspen Dental?

I recently went to Aspen Dental to get an estimate on full upper and lower dentures and extractions. I already have a partial for my upper. They gave me an estimate of close to $9000.00! This is NOT for the top of the line dentures they offer but just the mid-grade! Has anyone ever heard of dentures and extractions costing so much?

I need some free dental work done, can anyone help?

I am out of work because of a back injury and can not get on any state funded programs. My teeth hurt all the time and are in need of help soon. I just need a few pulled for free or at a low cost to me.

re:chihuahua in need of help?

i just recieved a chi,but i just got home and noticed his teeth are real bad.he is 5 yrs old.utd shots where can i get low cost dental work done on him in massachusetts?i’m not well to do.but i could not leave him where he many dogs she was breeding him and now didnt need him .if i cant get some help should i put him down??

Is getting a secondary dental isurance worth getting?

I have dental insurance through my work my wife also can get dental insurance though work for us my dentist told me i could get insurance through both and it wold help lower the cost of my bills is having two dental insurances worth it i have alot of work that needs to be done 2 root canals, 3 crowns, and 1 pulled one would pay 50 percent the other would pay 50 percent has any body out there done this before if so can you explain it to me thank you

Are dental schools taking patients ?

I’m curious if dental schools take patients, where I could fix my teeth at a lower cost than at a regular dental office? I was wonderin about loyola, uic etc

will cipro work on a gum infection?????????????/?

it’s not that I wont see a dentist…i cnt afford one right now. Working a temp job(may not even have that since i took today off cuz of swelling n pain) the dental schools in the area arent accepting new patients till mid november …and i dnt meet eligibility for low cost dental iin the area. Can i go to ER for this if pain and swelling is bad?(i wldnt mind being “billed out” for services. I thought they would just refer me and send me home. That’s y im asking if the Cipro would work.. its all I got that would be strong enuf i know this can get REAL serious if left untreated but dont know what else to do??? Any suggestions???? this all started w a eith a temp filling frm root canal or a regular filling falling out and/ or a cracked tooth .

Looking for low cost ortho care in phoenix. pls help!?

I have braces and have had them for two years. i got them at western dental and last year i lost my job and did not receive care for 9 months becasue they wouldn’t see me without payment. i finally caught up last september and resumed ortho care after signing another contract. however i am so unhappy with my treatment but without insurance i don’t know where to go now. I am a full time college student and i work thru work study. i live in phoneix and if any one knows of a place that i might be able to go to i would appreciate it…

~Need my bottom right wisdom tooth extracted. It has large carie, and is infected. Can’t get help.~?

Here is my problem. 1 wisdom tooth, 75% of the enamel is gone, it’s abscessed (infected) , and hurt 95% of the day.
Is there a way to get rid of the pain? I’m currently taking near lethal doses of ibuprofen (3,000MG every 24 hours), and very high doses of acetaminophen (about 4,000MG every 24 hours). These 2 drugs do almost nothing. Regular aspirin does nothing. I decided to try hydrocodone (left over from something else) , hoping to get some sleep (only sleep I got the last week was when I literally passed out), well I got about 20 minutes sleep before I woke up with severe pain, and could not go back to bed.
Topical antiseptics do not work.

My major problem is: No dentist in my area will accept payments, there are no free/low cost dental clinics, none of the 4 ERs in my area will accept patients with tooth problems. There isn’t even enough enamel left for me to try pulling it myself.
My zip code is 47129.
Any ideas?

Low-cost Christmas present ideas?

I just had to spend around $400 today on my car plus had to pay another $100 for dental work. I am now unable to afford Christmas presents for those I still have to buy (at least 7). I bought one for my fiance’s sister because I found it at a good price before all of this. I know my fiance will spend money on me and people are expecting gifts. I have no artistic skills whatsoever (I can’t even wrap a present). I can’t just get dollar store junk. What can I do?
Even what you can get on Black Friday might be too much – plus I don’t want to get mugged, run over, or freeze to death. It’s not worth the stress.
Ok…here are the people who I need to get gifts for:

Fiance, 28 y/o male; loves video games, The Simpsons, science fiction, he’s in school to be a teacher

Fiance’s mother, mid to late 50s – works in fundraising; likes cocktails, good wine

My younger sister – 24, in pharmacy school; likes to read

Mother – mid 50s; loves dogs/my pet dog; records clerk

Father – early 60s; loves trains; market researcher

There are a couple others as well but those haven’t been “decided” upon yet (i.e. b/c of Secret Santa)
Thanks for your help Kilroy! I’ll take a look at those ideas.

what are some Dental schools in Michigan?

Dental schools where they can do procedures for low cost or no cost at all on your teeth. Braces crowns, etc ????????